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wild berry incense sticks 1. Wild Berry Incense Sticks (10457)
A high quality premium grade incense hand dipped in the very finest scents
passion pure essential oils 2. Passion Pure Essential Oils (9182)
Our pure essential oil are supplied in 10ml amber bottles prices vary depending on oil - Bulk prices available
wholesale nag champa 3. Satya Nag Champa Incense Sticks (Box) (7984)
Original and best Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa Incense sold in boxes of 12
bulk price fragrance oils 4. BULK PRICE Fragrance Oils (10ml) (7148)
Bulk price discount when ordering more than 10 dozen 10ml fragrance oils (Alll Ranges included)
wild berry incense package 1 5. Wild Berry Incense Package 1 (6647)
12 fragrance pack with 200 sticks of each fragrance, 12 jars, zip bags, signs for marketing
wild berry incense bulk price 6. Wild Berry Incense Bulk Price (6373)
Choose this option if you are ordering between 30 and 49 packs of Wild Berry incense in any mix of fragrances.You can now combine with Wild Berry cones to reach the bulk prices.
tulasi incense 7. Tulasi Hexagonal Incense Sticks (6 Packets) (6176)
Twenty 9 inch Tulasi incense sticks in a hexagonal packet
mystic isle simmering salts 8. Mystic Isle Simmering Salts (6076)
Fragranced salts to use and warm in oil burners instead of oil supplied in clear 100ml plastic bottles
 passion essential oils mini packages 9. Passion Essential Oils Mini Packages (6036)
Both packages contain all the most popular essential oils along with an info sheet and stand ( 30 x 22 x 17cm)
ceramic chimp 10. Ceramic Chimp Cord Pull (5741)
Available in assorted colours
ceramic manatee 11. Ceramic Manatee Cord Pull (5716)
Available in blue and white
wild berry garden incense sticks 12. Wild Berry Garden Incense Sticks (5699)
19 inch Garden incense (Yard Sticks) for outdoor burning.
passion fragrance oils 10ml 13. Passion Fragrance Oils (10ml) (5677)
High quality concentrated fragrance oils supplied in 10ml bottles
ceramic cat 14. Ceramic Cat Cord Pull (5658)
Available in assorted colours.
Wholesale Ceramic Flower Diffuser - Tall 15. Ceramic Flower Diffuser - Tall (5529)
A beautifully decorative tall flower reed diffuser ideal for any room
ceramic dolphin 16. Ceramic Dolphin Cord Pull (5455)
Available in assorted colours
black metal spike candle stand 17. Black Metal Spike Candle Stand (5386)
Sturdy Metal Spike Candle Stand - Buy Individually or in a Box of 12
ceramic parrot 18. Ceramic Parrot Cord Pull (5177)
Available in assorted colours
Wholesale Wild Berry Fragrance Oils 19. Wild Berry Fragrance Oils (5005)
Twelve NEW Premium Scented Oils Now Available
wild berry incense package 2 20. Wild Berry Incense Package 2 (4859)
15 fragrance pack includes 200 sticks of each fragrance includes 15 jars zip bags signs signs for marketing + display stand
Wholesale Red Feather Roses - Box 24 21. Red Feather Roses - Box 24 (4767)
A very unique Red feather rose with stem and leaves that's ideal for special occasions
Wholesale Drop Bead Tea Light Holder - Amber 22. Drop Bead Tea Light Holder - Amber (4744)
A colourful and decorative amber coloured candle holder that simply sparkles
fat' church candles 23. 'Fat' Church Candles (4694)
Our best selling in-demand 'Fat' church candles in Small, Medium and Large
super hit cones 24. Nag Champa Super Hit Cones (4595)
Nag Champa Super Hit Cones
Wholesale Soapstone Incense Holder - Fountain 25. Soapstone Incense Holder - Fountain (4590)
A simple and original incense stick or incense cone holder in natural soapstone
ceramic frog 26. Ceramic Frog Cord Pull (4572)
Available in brown green and white
wild berry packeted 27. Wild Berry Packeted (4528)
Wild Berry Packeted incense
ceramic koala bear 28. Ceramic Koala Bear Cord Pull (4520)
Available in blue and white
ceramic hedgehog 29. Ceramic Hedgehog Cord Pull (4499)
Available in grey and white
Wholesale Christmas Star Decorations in Silver and Gold 30. Christmas Decorations in Silver and Gold (4404)
Choose either glittering silver or gold decorate any Christmas tree or any room
wooden 6pc dolphin mobile 31. Wooden 6pc Dolphin Mobile (4400)
6 piece dolphin mobile in two colour ways - blue/blue and green/blue
tulasi bulk price 32. Tulasi Hexagonal Incense Bulk Price 24 Boxes (4393)
Choose this option if ordering any mix of 24 Tulasi incense boxes or more (all ranges)
thin' church candles 33. 'Thin' Church Candles (4345)
Classic thin church that are very popular available in Small, Medium and Large
tea lights 34. Tea Lights (4331)
Amazing value classic tea light candles available for you to buy in various value for money packs
Wholesale small crackle glass tea light votive holder 35. Crackle Glass Tea Light Votive Holder (4219)
Very popular decorative holders in money-saving packs
bulk price fragrance oils (15ml) 36. BULK PRICE Fragrance Oils (15ml) (4161)
Bulk price available per bottle when ordering more than 10 dozen 15ml fragrance oils (Cocktail Ranges included)
Wholesale Light Up Bauble with Jewels 37. Light Up Bauble with Jewels (4154)
A beautifully decorative light up bauble ideal for any special occasion
Wholesale Pot Pourri Cone 150 - Jasmine 38. Pot Pourri Cone 150 - Jasmine (4135)
A luxury fragrant room pot pourri pack in an inspired jasmine scent
passion fragrance oils hollywood cocktail range 15ml 39. Passion Fragrance Oils Hollywood Cocktail Range (15ml) (4104)
Larger 15ml bottles at Bulk Discount rates buying any mix of 10 dozen or more fragrance oils from any range
Wild Berry Candle In Tin 40. Wild Berry Candle In Tin (4027)
Amazing quality Wild Berry candle in travel tin made from 100% soy wax. Choose from; Champa Flower, Coconut, Egyptian Cotton, Fairy Dust, Fizzy Pop, Herbal Mist, Honeysuckle, Isis, Mulberry, Ocean Wind, Peach and Wild Honey.