Tulips In Wooden Pot
3 tulips in wooden pot.
Bone And Horn Salad Servers
A lovely set of horn and bone salad servers.
Black Horn Salad Servers
A lovely set of black horn salad servers.
Wood and Metal 4 Drawer Cabinet
A lovely polished wooden cabinet with 4 drawers embellished with metal plate with decorative scored design and tacks.
River Backflow Burner
A black ceramic river backflow burner - to be used with backflow incense cones only.
Chinese Pillow Box - large
Beautifully crafted Chinese pillow box.
Chinese Chess Set - Small
Beautifully crafted Chinese chess set.
Chinese Dominoes
Beautifully crafted Chinese dominoes set.
Chinese Pillow Box - small
Beautifully crafted small Chinese pillow box.
Cream Face Oil Burner
Cream face design oil burner.
Puser Flower
Wooden puser plant.
Wooden Cyclamen
Beautiful wooden cyclamen.
Wooden Poinsettia
A wooden poinsettia.
Tiny Roses In Wooden Pot
Two tiny roses in wooden base.
Wooden Fishing Frog
Hand painted wooden frog.
Small Wooden Fishing Frog
Hand painted small wooden fishing frog.
Primitive Wooden Mask
Hand made primitive wooden mask.