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Temple Incense Cone Burner - Jointed Wood

Wholesale Temple Incense Cone Burner - Jointed Wood
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Try this superbly designed Temple Incense Cone Burner - Jointed Wood (Incense Cone Burner height 16cm x width 7cm). A hand-crafted jointed wooden incense holder with delicate brass inlays and carvings. This beautifully made cone incense burner is made from local Indian wood and made for burning all your incense cones safely. It has a detailed jointed wood design base, tilting top and protects your furniture when burning the incense. It's very easy to use by simply placing your incense into the brass pot and then closing the tilting wooden top. You can then enjoy the calming aromas of your favourite incense cones as the fragrance drifts gently around your room through the carved cut-outs. Each jointed wooden incense holder has its own secret compartment in the base to store your cones safely away.