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Wild Berry Fragrance Oil Package 1

Wild Berry Fragrance Oils Package Deal 1
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- NEW Wild Berry Oil Package 1
- 36 bottles premium fragrance oils
- Eye catching display
- Start getting repeat sales
- Helps boost your income

Boost your sales with a Wild Berry Fragrance Oil Package that comes with a purpose made stand and Wild Berry graphics for maximum impact. This fragrance oil package will help convert more sales and increase your repeat buys - plus you save money!

Wild Berry Fragrance Oil Package 1

Included inthis package: 1 wooden display stand (h24cm x w25cm x d15cm) and 36 bottles of fragrance oils (3 of each scent).

The twelve best selling fragrance oils to choose from in the Wild Berry range are Champa Flower, Deep Patchouli, Dragon's Blood, Fresh Rain, India Moon, Lavender, Musk, Ocean Wind, Opium, Peace of Mind, Sweet Patchouli and Vanilla. Each bottle comes supplied with an intergral dropper for dispensing the aromatic oils and contains approximately 15 millilitres (14.79ml = 0.5 US ounce).

Wild Berry are renowned for producing premium quality incense sticks and now we can share with you the amazing fragrance oils that are supremely aromatic and have already made a big impact for driving up sales.