Chinese Prism Shaped Inside-Painted Glass Snuff Bottle - Blue Birds And Flowers

Chinese inside-painted glass snuff bottle (h12.5cm,prism 5x7x5cm approx.) with an agate stopper. Inside painting is a Chinese art form - the bottles are produced by manipulating a specialized paint brush through the neck of the bottle. To paint the inside of the bottle the artist must paint backwards with great concentration to make precise strokes.
Inside-painted bottles are associated with Chinese snuff bottles although few would have actually been used for holding snuff as the beauty of the snuff bottle was the prime consideration.
The prism shape means inside reflections of the painting can be seen - just one image can be seen when viewed from the front, two when viewed from either side, and three when viewed from the back. This bottle features two bluebirds and pink and red flowers. Three views are shown in the picture with the gift box, which is included.
Images may vary slightly as each bottle is unique.