I'm Not Sure If You've Received My Order?

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There are a number of reasons why it may appear that we have not received your order, particularly if a confirmation page cannot be displayed (or an error is reported by the system) in the final stages of checking out your shopping basket.

Occasionally connections get interupted on the Internet or you may not have cookies enabled for your browser. Follow the guide below to see whether the order has been recorded (registered users).

How To Check Your Order Has Been Received

Firstly, if you've placed an order and received an error you should still be logged in to the system. Your basket will only be emptied if you specifically log out, close your browser window or don't engage in any activity on the website for 20 minutes or more.

Please follow these steps:

1.  Make sure that you're still logged in

You should still be able to see prices etc. If you can't get to another page on the website through an error, open another browser window or tab (don't close the current one) and log in again if necessary.

2. Go to view 'Your Account'

View your account

3. Look in 'My Orders'

Look in 'My Orders' section

4. Do you see any orders?

If the system has recorded your order and basket items it will be logged here and we will have received it without any problems.

If you're in any doubt send us a support message through the 'My Support Requests' section... or give us a call in office hours if you wish.