Wild Berry Cones Package Deal

Wild Berry Incense Cones Package deal (Incense Cones h2.5cm x diam. 1cm, Package Incense Stand h35cm x w40cm d30cm). You get 2 incense packs of 100 of each of 12 fragrances + stand, jars, display materials etc. Same BIG fragrance in Cone form!

Fragrances include: Blend 22, Champa Flower, Cherry Vanilla, Cinnamon, Coconut, Dragon’s Blood, Evergreen, Fairy Dust, Fantasia, Fizzy Pop, Fresh Rain, India, Moon, Jasmine, King Cake, Lavender, Lilac, Musk, Ocean Wind, Opium, Patchouli, Peace of Mind, Peach, Raspberry Rose, Sandalwood, Sea Breeze, Strawberry, Summer Day, Sweet Pea, Tranquility, Vanilla, Wizard.

An incense package will attract more sales and interest from your customers. It is the easiest way for you to set up and sell Wild Berry quickly. Great for repeat sales.